Best Digital Piano for Beginners 2022 – [Reviews & Guide]

The world is changing from old-fashioned to the most digital enlightenment in every department of life. So this era sets it harder for newbies to find the product of their choice. The same is the case in the musical instrument industry. It becomes a tedious task for beginners to find perfect musical equipment to glitter their musical world.

But have no fear!

You will learn here some of the foremost features and factors to consider while buying the best digital piano for beginners. Through this list, you can pick the one of your liking or the one you think suits you best.

It may be a lot to take in, but bear with us, you need to know this!


RockJam 54-Key

Best for Kids & Teens

  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Lightweight



Roland JUNO-DS

User-Friendly Digital Piano

  • Eight phrase pads
  • Electronic reverb effect
  • Slim and Portable



Alesis Recital Pro

Affordable Digital Piano

  • 128-note polyphony.
  • 20-watt speakers
  • 12 in-built voices


How Did We Pick Up Our Top 10 Best Digital Piano for Beginners?

Best Digital Piano for Beginners 2022

As your presence here speaks itself that you are searching for a start-up piano for learning. Then let me elaborate on why this blog will be essential for you. In the wake of hours of research, our team has consulted with professionals and manufacturers based in the UK and Australia. After in-depth studies of manuals, specifications, and reviews, we have a list of the top 10 best digital piano for beginners.

Become Beginner to Professional Pianist

It is pertinent to mention here that this list may not be the ultimate source. However, let us assure you, this blog will be problem-solving for you. You will get here an in-depth analysis of entry-level digital pianos. So you can compare competitors in the market. Let’s dive into the list!


User-Friendly Digital Piano

Roland JUNO-DS
  • Keys: 88
  • Weight: 7.6 kg
  • Polyphony: 128
Check Price

Best Yamaha Digital Piano for Beginners

Yamaha YDP-S34
  • Keys: 88
  • Weight: 36.5 kg
  • Polyphony: 192
Check Price

Best Entry Level Digital Piano

Korg EK-50
  • Keys: 61
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Polyphony: 64
Check Price

Affordable Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Pro
  • Keys: 88
  • Weight: 14.8 kg
  • Polyphony: 128
Check Price

Best Starter Digital Piano

Casio CTK-3500
  • Keys: 61
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Polyphony: 48
Check Price

Best 88 Key Digital Piano for Beginners

Williams Rhapsody 2
  • Keys: 88
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Polyphony: 64
Check Price

Best Digital Piano for Learners

Yamaha P45B
  • Keys: 8
  • Weight: 16.51 kg
  • Polyphony: 64
Check Price

Best Digital Piano for Learning

  • Keys: 88
  • Weight: 43.3 kg
  • Polyphony: 128
Check Price

Best for Outdoor Use

Yamaha Ypt260
  • Keys: 61
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Polyphony: 32
Check Price

Best for Kids & Teens

RockJam 54-Key
  • Keys: 54
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Polyphony: 48
Check Price

Best Digital Piano for Beginners Reviews 2022:

1. Roland JUNO-DS Review – User-Friendly Digital Piano

Roland JUNO-DS Review

On top of the list, we have here JUNO-DS as the best beginner piano in 2022. Your keyboard playing skills will evolve by using this digital piano since it comes with an expansion wave slot. So, you can add versatile sounds via USB or from the website. The thing that makes it user-friendly is eight phrase pads. With that, you can trigger sample files stored on USB. Besides that, you get a sample import function to play records. Here is a more detailed analysis of Juno-DS-88.


For a realistic experience, Rolland has built this best digital piano for learners. As in Juno-DS, you get 88 weighted keys to give you graded hammer weighted keys action. Also, these keys will help you build strength in your fingers. These first-rate keys deliver a great feel while playing your creativity on the keyboard.


Thanks to developers as they installed a USB functioning interface. With that, you will record audio, MIDI data, and the sounds from microphone input. Not just that, with impressive DAW Control mode, you can control your software with Juno-DS 88.

  Pattern Sequencer:  

Gone are the days when you had to worry about losing your music profiles. You get an integrated eight-track sequencer in Juno-DS. This onboard pattern sequencer is easy to operate to help you drive your endless creative playing. Also, the preset tracks in the dedicated sequencer in Juno-DS88 boost your live performances.

  Sounding and Vocal Effects:  

The microphone of Rolland-Juno-DS 88 is essentially a pinch point for solos and songwriters. It facilitates you with a first-rate vocal reverb for adding depth to your voice. Juno-DS88 is best for any player, from learners to professionals. It comes with plenty of high-quality sounds for various styles.

  Internal Wave Expansion:  

When talking about prime attributes, Juno-DS’s peculiar feature is the wave expansion slot. Juno-DS alone comes with a massive assembly of high-quality sounds. But with a wave expansion slot, you can also download over 1000 EXP sounds for free! You can simply go to the Roland Alexia website and save them.

  • Eight phrase pads
  • Eight track pattern sequencer
  • Electronic reverb effect
  • Record audio and MIDI files and a DAW control
  • Slim and portable design
  • Juno-DS88 does not come with built-in speakers. However, you can attach external speakers.
In the view of experts, Juno-DS88 is best for learners. Because it’s high-end patches, feel and sound realistic. Other than that, its portability impresses experts. Also, more than 1000 onboard sounds are a significant edge. In the expert’s views, it is worth buying if your primary focus is on guitar and bass.


2. Yamaha YDPS34 Review – Best Yamaha Model for Beginners

Yamaha YDPS34 Review

This trendy digital piano is praised for a variety of reasons. One of its prime features is that this fits in the smaller spaces. Since it is built smartly with smaller dimensions. Not limited to that only, you get a powerful acoustic optimizer to enhance the quality of the sound. For your adorable experience, its wooden texture will provide you an ultra-modern look. Now let’s quickly jump into its prominent traits.


Yamaha YDP-S34 consists of a thorough set of 88 piano keys. These synthetic ebony and ivory keytops come with top-notch finishing. And interestingly, all these weighted keys are evenly spaced, which is supportive of your practice. For your eminent meet, this best starter digital piano comes with a GHS keyboard. It implies that keys feel slightly Heavier on the left and lighter on the right side. This feature will give you an acoustic piano keys experience.


The VRM soundboard in this digital piano recreates a deep and full sound to give you a pleasant experience. And the best part is the sound results are decent even without wearing headphones. What’s more, you get key-off functionality for staccato and legato playing. That means the second you remove your fingers from keys; you get a slight change in the sound.


Selecting music or audio files is a tiring task. Well, not anymore! As in Yamaha YDP-S34, you can connect your smart device with a USB. So you can control it with any piano controller application.


Yamaha has installed a smart feature of IAC (Intelligent Acoustic Control). This ingenious model can adjust the sound automatically to create balance in the music. This feature comes in handy at low volumes.

  Smart Designing:  

The high ratings for this smart piano are probably due to its stylish design. You can easily place it anywhere, even in smaller spaces such as hallways. Also, YDP-S34 roughly weighs around 79lbs. Moreover, you get a close-packed design. As when the keyboard cover is closed, it measures 133(W) x 30(D) x 79(H) cm (53″ x 11″ x 31″).

  • Lightweight and smaller dimensions
  • CFX concert grand piano
  • 3 Pedals Expression
  • String Resonance
  • You need to have an extra speaker to utilize CFX sound fully
Talking about the expert’s aspect, it consists of every element, which can be a selling point for beginners. Since it comes with ten different piano and other instrumental sounds. Moreover, you get 50 demo songs for practice. Furthermore, its smart design and compact size help to carry it in cars. Also, the reverb effect, recording function, and two headphone slots are the best traits for a beginner.

3. Korg EK-50 Review – Best Entry Level Digital Piano

Korg EK-50 Review

We have put this on the list as it profiles various features for the starters to learn on. You also get exciting features like more than 700 sounds and LED buttons to navigate easily. Besides, its compact design helps you to place it anywhere. And what is more, a powerful PCM stereo sound speaker also awaits your usage. The exciting part is Korg has made it budget-friendly. If you don’t have a sum of money to spend, this can be one of the best digital piano for beginners, you are looking to learn.

  STS System:  

Single Touch System plays automatically recommended styles on your single touch. This feature allows you to focus on learning and practicing. You get more than 280 presets styles with four variations. These also included the intro and ending for each song.


Over 700 sounds with 41 drum kits, which include GM compatible sound sets. Besides, Korg EK-50 has 64 voice polyphony keynotes that can sound at the same time. These plenty of sounds will help you a lot in practice.


External USB port, MIDI connectivity, and headphones with 3.5mm jack. Also, you get a mini 3.5mm stereo phone jack.

  Split System:  

This exciting feature splits the keyboard into the lower and upper levels. So you can control your high, and lower beat sounds with one hand. This split system is the best feature, as you can play the sounds of two different instruments without any confusion. This feature is handy for entry-level musicians.

  Built-in Speakers:  

You get high-quality in-built 10W x 10W speakers. These speakers play their sound as well as external sound by input jack.


In this smart piano, you get full-size 61-keys with 170 keyboard sets. This keyboard helps you to arrange your beats and melody songs as you think them in your mind. Furthermore, it grows along with you over a while.

  LCD Screen:  

In Korg Ek-50 full Bright LCD screen is installed. This screen will show you which track and music genre you are playing.

  • Single touch system
  • External batteries for power supply
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Sheet music stand
  • Lightweight
  • Sounds are a little bit forced.
In the expert’s opinion, this piano keyboard is suitable for newbies because of its split system. This system controls the upper and lower sounds. You get Over 700 songs and 41 GM compatible kits. That will boost your learning experience. Also, it comes with built-in speakers and a recording input slot. So, you can record and play along with backing music. Single touch control is an ideal choice for beginners.

4. Alesis Recital Pro – Affordable Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Pro Review

On number 4, we have here Alesis Recital Pro, an advanced version of the previous product Recital. Its affordable price is undoubtedly its selling point amongst the consumers. With its lesson record modes, you can practice better. Besides that, Recital Pro is a full-featured 88 keys hammer-action digital piano. On top of that, it also comprises 3 Reverb profiles and three built-in modes. So that you will get a better audio experience and learning. Now, let’s dive into its detailed features.

  Lesson and Record Modes:  

Alesis Recital has an exciting feature, especially for beginners to learn on, known as lesson mode. With that built-in mode, you will be able to divide 88 keys into two sections. Yet, you will get the same sound and frequency on both sides. This lesson mode will generate a lot of ease for the teacher as well as the student. The record mode will allow you to record your performances and then listen to them for better learning.


Alesis Recital Pro comprises a ¼” headphone slot to help you sort out the distraction of speakers’ sound. Not just that, but also Recital Pro makes a feature of ¼” stereo output. This stereo output will allow you to make connections with the recorder, amplifier, or mixer. Furthermore, Recital Pro also features USB-MIDI output for using your software or any virtual plugin.


Recital pro is made up of 88 full-sized hammer action keys. That further embodies a multi-way touch response. This function is best for new learners.


Besides, it has 12 first-rate incorporated voices to help you along with your journey. Also, you can customize these voices by using onboard controls on the display screen. When it comes to sound, you get Chorus, Modulation, and Reverb effects. This feature will generate an ambiance in your sound quality. Besides that, it comprises 20-watt built-in beast speakers and topmost of 128-note polyphony.

  Additional Features:  

You will be shocked to know that you don’t need any electricity to play Recital Pro. Since you can simply play it with 6 D-Cell batteries, moreover, the package includes a user guide to help you along.

  • Layer, Lesson, and Split Modes
  • 12 in-built prime quality voices
  • Modulation, Reverb and Chorus effects
  • Package includes Power Adapter
  • Pedal not included. However, you can buy any sustain pedal that would work.
Experts believe that this best 88 key digital piano for beginners is perfect for learners as well as teachers. They are mainly praising its sound quality as the sound seems similar to the real keyboard. Also, touch sensitivity works excellent, and it will boost the fingers’ flow. Overall, this is a unique product, and with a reasonable price range. That is the reason; it becomes an ideal choice for adults and kids.

5. Casio CTK-3500 Review – Best Starter Digital Piano

Casio CTK-3500

Casio CTK-3500 lets you express your creative playing with full-sized 61 touch responding keys. On top of that, its price is affordable. Also, built-in 400 premium tones make it an ideal fit for those who are learning to play. Furthermore, it allows you to connect your iPod or phone with a free available Chordana Play application. Not just that, it comes with a variety of other exciting features which are listed below.


With CTK-3500, you will be able to drive your piano playing skills at the next level. CTK-3500 supports USB connectivity, MIDI, and DAW to link to your keyboard and computer. Also, additional aux input will allow you to play along with your favorite music. Furthermore, you also get a slot for a sustain pedal. That will increase your realistic and enjoyable piano experience.


The high praise for CTK-3500 is that it comes with smart dimensions of 12.09 x 37.24 x 3.62 inches. What is more, it weighs roughly around 7.5 pounds. So, you get to enjoy this use at ease with portable functionality.


Casio has made its use more fun. You will be excited to know that with a power adapter, you can power it with 6AA batteries. It enhances its portable use for parties or outdoor celebrations. With this exciting feature, you can play along on roads and at outdoor concerts.


Not to mention its high-rated sound speakers for great playback experience. Also, with a headphone jack, your privacy remains more serene and reliable.

  Music Dance Mode:  

Most of all, you get a compelling feature of music dance mode. By switching to this mode, you can create the best-loved dance music of your own choice.

  • Full-sized 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • 150 additional rhythm and music sounds
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Unite with Casio’s Chordana Play free application
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Keys are not weighted
Experts strongly recommend this piano to beginners. The reason for that, its full size 61 touch-sensitive keys that are ideal for learning on. Moreover, experts believe that beginners require a lot of practice, and this piano is user-friendly. So, you can place it anywhere and leave no time for practicing. Moreover, experts highlight the point of its being cost-effective for beginners. So, overall this is the best digital piano for beginners to sparkle their music world.

6. Williams Rhapsody 2 Review – Best 88 Key Digital Piano for Beginners

Williams Rhapsody 2

Williams has introduced an outstanding Rhapsody 2 full-sized hammer-action 88 keys digital piano. We have included this electronic digital piano because of its super-satisfactory performance, slim design, and great feel. You get split layer mode, a two-track recorder, and separate headphone and stereo jacks. Rhapsody 2 sustains many other exciting features that are chiefly for learners. Let’s have a look at the prominent components that Rhapsody 2 has to offer.

  Weighted Keyboard:   

Weighted keys are compelling elements that a learner should look for in a digital piano. Rhapsody 2 is made up of touch responsive weighted full-sized 88 keys, ideal for a beginner to learn on.


Another best quality of this piano is that it comes with in-built up to standard 12 voices. Also, you get a maximum polyphony of 64 tones. Besides that, you get a modulation control for sober playback and a stereo system for immense sound.

  Beautiful Design:  

Rhapsody 2 includes the elegant PVC wooden structure finishing. Also, this piano is compelling for any decor with its smart size of W54.1 “xH31.1″ xD16.3.”


Rhapsody 2 offers USB and MIDI connectivity and also an output line. Along with that, you get two pedal inputs. And a headphone jack for secret performances.


With all these above features, it’s surprising to look over the excellent price of this piano. Being affordable makes it stand out in the beginners’ pianos list.

  • High-quality furniture stand
  • Quality Sound
  • Package includes a power adapter
  • Velocity-sensitive keys
  • Keys seem artificial
Experts are chiefly praising the sound quality and weighted keys experience. This gadget is a cheap console-style digital piano. That makes it excellent for starters in the music world. In addition to that, the slim and beautiful design fits and gives charm wherever you want to place it. Other than that, the general performance of this piano is convenient and worth paying. That is the reason experts include Rhapsody 2 in the list of best beginners piano.

7. Yamaha P45B Review – Best Digital Piano for Learners

Yamaha P45B Review

Now let us discuss this Yamaha P45B, a smart choice for beginners. You get a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard with 88 weighted keys. This system divides the keyboard into the low and high end. Besides that, the touch-sensitive velocity allows you to control the intensity of the sound. Another supreme quality is AWM built-in dynamic sampling technology. It uses a waveform for playing. With both AC and DC power options, this beast is the ultimate choice for beginners. Let’s have a look at the detailed features of the Yamaha P45B.

  GHS System:  

Yamaha P45B comes with 88 weighted keys that are Graded Hammer System. This feature allows heavier touch at the low end and lowers contact at the high end. Besides, a soft matte black coating is less slippery so that you can play for more extended periods.

  Touch Sensitive:  

Well, with this trait, you can control the touch velocity. Yamaha P45B has four preset modes, i.e., Fixed, soft, medium, and hard sounds. A fixed style is not touch-sensitive. That means no matter how hard or soft you play, it will generate the same tone. The default setting for this piano is the medium mode. In hard-mode, you have to put more pressure on keys for sound generation. Furthermore, the keys are less noisy.


For sound, Yamaha P45B has high-quality inbuilt AWM dynamic sampling technology. This remarkable technology creates a profound, vibrant, and more dynamic sound. The AWM dynamic system uses R and L waveforms for sound creation.


Yamaha P45B comes with two built-in methods. Dual-mode will combine the voices of two different instruments at the same time. In DUO mode, you can play with your partner by dividing the keys.

  Single Button Control:  

One of the best features that can be praised is individual button control. You just have to hold down the Grand Piano button to perform a variety of functions. Such as playing demo songs, changing voices, and configuration. Also, there is a power button for on and off.

  • Advanced AWM dynamic technology
  • 64 keynotes polyphonies
  • USB connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • In-built MIDI or Recorder is absent. However, you can record your performance by USB via any software.
Experts believe that this is the best Yamaha digital piano for beginners. You get a Graded Hammer System keyboard. That means the keys divide into low and high-end actions. Furthermore, you can control various functions such as sounds, change voice, and metronome with a single control mode button. Yamaha P45B has AWM dynamic sampling technology, which generates more deep and rich tones. Above all features make it a good option to add it in the file of the best digital pianos for beginners.

8. LAGRIMA LG-803 Review – Best Digital Piano for Learning


As a beginners’ piano, LAGRIMA digital piano is an apt choice. Since it consists of premium fully weighted 88 hammer-action keys. Other foremost traits are 200 demo songs, 400 rhythms, and 802 tones along with powerful stereo speakers. In a reasonable price range, it allows you to do great things. But that’s not all! LAGRIMA comes with many great uses, which are listed below.

  Bluetooth Connectivity:  

You get a new remote control function. So, you can connect your iPod or mobile phone and simply control it. That will come in handy even when you are far away from the piano itself!

  Weighted Action Keys:  

LAGRIMA LG-803 consists of 10 Grade 88 hammer-action keys. These keys give a realistic piano experience.


This stylish digital piano is capable of connecting your computers, iPods, or phones. That is possible via USB, MIDI, AUDIO input, and output functionality.


Along with that, you get Master and Chord volume controls for better flexibility. Besides, there are 88 incorporated demo songs for helping you in your music career.

  Additional Features:  

Also, you get 3 sustain pedals, Hands Mode, high-end LCD screen. Also, there are various Instrumental tones to use while playing. For keeping silent and private practicing, you get two 3.5mm headphone slots. Further, audio input/output will facilitate you to attach external speakers.

  • Soft, Sustain, Sostenuto Pedals
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Specific for hobbyists and beginners
  • Affordable price
  • The package is little heavy
Experts recommend this digital piano for beginners of any age due to its ideal height. Chiefly, experts are praising its Bluetooth connectivity control. So, the parents can look after their kids while playing. Other than that, sound quality works well for starters to practice. Moreover, experts review this product as highly cost-effective. Above all, these attributes make it the best digital piano for learning.

9. Yamaha YPT-260 Review – Best for Outdoor Use

Yamaha Ypt260

At number 9 on the list, we have come up with a compact size portable keyboard. Yamaha YPT-260 keyboard possesses many features that are helping hands. These include Yamaha Education Suite with nine steps lesson plans. That makes practicing and learning easy. With over 400 versatile sounds and 130 backing voices are providing real-time backing. With its DUO mode, you can play along with a partner for practice. Now have an in-depth look at these features.

  Yamaha Education Suite:  

Yamaha YPT-260 is suitably designed on three learning modes, i.e., Listening, Timing, and Waiting. You also get the Yamaha Education Suite with nine steps lessons. You can also download demo songs from the web. That is the most helpful feature for entry-level musicians.


As far as the sound is concerned, you get a wide variety of sounds with more than 400 instrument songs. With this massive library, you can play any music genre. Besides, you also get 130 styles, which provide real-time backing accompaniment.


Furthermore, the Yamaha portable keyboard has a USB port and a recorder input. So you can record or playback your recordings. High-quality input for AUX is the best addition to play and music from PC, mobile, or tablet.

  Power Supply:  

This compact and portable piano have a plug-and-play option. You can connect it to external AA batteries for outdoor use. That is also its great feature when you don’t have access to electricity.


With the DUO function, you can divide the keyboard into two parts. So your partner or instructor can play along with you. That will chiefly help teachers to instruct students. Also, with dual-mode, you can play two different sounds simultaneously.

  • 61 keys with PA 130 power adapter
  • Nine steps music lessons
  • Music library with 400 sounds, 130 accompaniment backing track
  • Polyphony 32 maximum sounds
  • Input for Recorder and AUX
  • Keys are narrow
  • Not weighted
Well, experts think this is the ideal choice for entry-level musicians. You get a Yamaha Education Suite with a nine steps lesson plan. That is perfect for learning and practicing. With a comprehensive library of sounds and backing tracks, you can practice a lot. The first feature of this is its compact and portable design. You can carry it in your car for outdoor plays. With its DUO mode, you can practice with the partner and instructor. With this limited budget, you get an ideal choice for beginner musicians.

10. RockJam 54 Keys Review – Best for Kids & Teens

RockJam 54-Key

Finally, in the list, we have RockJam 54-Key, which is ideal for wannabe musicians. Regardless of age, anyone can play this RockJam piano. It is a small 54-key portable Electronic keyboard. Also, you get an interactive LCD screen, a built-in stereo speaker, and sticky keynotes. That makes it a perfect choice for beginner musicians. It is equally essential for professionals as it is portable and can be played on a battery simply.

  Fifty-four keys with LCD screen:  

This electronic keyboard comes with 54-keys and an interactive LCD screen. This screen will help you a lot while practicing on the music. It will show you which chord and beat must be played.

  Sheet Music Stand:  

RockJam 54-key has a prime quality durable sheet music stand to help you read chords and beats. This sheet can also help you support your tablet while you are playing.


RockJam 54-key is one of the cheap models in the market but still comes with eight demo songs, 100 sound effects, and 100 rhythms. Record and playback function also installed for your ease.


RockJam has smartly inbuilt stereo speakers on either side of the keyboard. You also get input for external speakers and headphones. That’s rare in the beginners’ piano.

  Teaching Modes:  

Get a grip on music with interactive teaching mode. This built-in model will train you about which chord and beat should be played. This small but immersive trait helps starters not to spend money on private teachers to get lessons.

  Keynote Stickers:  

Another fantastic feature is removable keynote stickers. These catchy stickers will help you identify piano keys. So, you can practice and improve your muscle memory. Soon, you will start to play keys as a professional does.

  Power Supply:  

The company has installed batteries for the power supply. It means you can play along on roads and outdoor concerts. That also makes it best for outdoor parties where you get little to no electricity supply.

  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Built-in stereo speakers and input for headphones.
  • Premium access to Simply Piano application.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The keys are a little bit springy. However, you become used to it over time.
In the view of experts, overall, RockJam 54-key is a perfect choice for beginner musicians of any age. In this moderate amount, you get plenty of premium features. Such as an interactive LCD screen, keynote stickers, eight demo songs, and 100 sound effects. Moreover, teaching modes and Sheet Music Stand will help you a lot in your music lessons and practice. Since you get batteries for the power supply, making it travel-friendly. If your children want to pursue music, you can surely go for this best digital piano to learn on.

Comparison Table:

PianoKeysWeight (kg)PolyphonyRating
Roland JUNO-DS887.69128⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yamaha YDP-S348836.51192⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Korg EK-50617.4864⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Alesis Recital Pro8814.78128⭐⭐⭐⭐
Casio CTK-3500613.448⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Williams Rhapsody 2884364⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yamaha P45B8816.5164⭐⭐⭐⭐
LAGRIMA LG-8038843.36128⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yamaha Ypt260615.6532⭐⭐⭐⭐
RockJam 54-Key543.7548⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buying Guide:

After scrolling through that list, you might be confused about choosing the right product.
Don’t worry! We will guide you through that and illuminate the components to give thought to while buying your first digital piano.

  • Sound: It is the primary factor in giving a second thought about any digital piano. As modern-day industries reproduce various sounds from discrete pianos and musical instruments. Digital pianos retaining more digital memories are capable of giving rise to multiple sounds.
  • Recording: Apart from the music, recording capability also takes part in playing digital pianos. It is wise that you should go for the product having recording functionality. That will help you a lot as a beginner.
  • Weighted Keys: Not to mention weighted keys that help a lot in building the finger’s flow. Also, they provide acoustic piano playing. So, always go for an apt product.
  • Lesson: Some of the digital pianos also come with educational or lesson modes. That can be intriguing as a beginner. It will nourish your piano playing skills.
  • Portable: A portable digital piano will always be better than a non-portable one. For convenient use, most of the companies build pianos possessing mobile functionality.
  • Price: When it comes to price, it does matter a lot. As cost-effective keyboards are harder to find. But no worries! Our research team has picked these products compact with out-of-the-world features with affordable pricing.
  • Headphone Jack: Last but not least, a headphone jack will allow you to keep your practices private without disturbing anyone’s peace. So, pick the one with a headphone slot and play your imagination endlessly.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Which is the best digital piano for beginners?
The best digital piano for beginners is JUNO DS-88. The reason for its being the best is that it profiles various features, especially for starters. You get 88 weighted keys, built-in sounds, an internal wave expansion slot, and eight phrase pedals. All these premium features come at an affordable price. However, choosing the best digital piano is an individual’s choice.
Is Digital Piano suitable for beginners?
The short answer to that question is, yes! A digital piano gives you a lot of flexibility with a similar and realistic approach to acoustic pianos. That has to offer features like a variety of sound designs. These can be portable use, recording function, weighted keys, and headphone slot for private practices. Furthermore, their price is far less than acoustic pianos, which makes them perfect for beginners.
What kind of digital piano is suitable for a beginner?
Basically, it depends upon the individual’s preferences. However, a digital piano being affordable and having fully weighted or semi-weighted keys is suitable for a beginner. Moreover, some digital pianos come with lesson modes, or they are specially made for beginners’ use.
What keyboard should I buy for a beginner?
For beginners 61-keys weighted keyboard (Korg EK-50) should be enough. As a beginner, it would be more comfortable and faster to learn. Later, you can swap it for a more advanced piano.


Digital pianos can present you with a similar realistic sound design as you hear in an acoustic piano. Digital and acoustic pianos produce almost the same sound results. However, it may take a lot of practice to notice those subtle sound differences.

Moreover, digital pianos give you the flexibility of choosing from various sounds, learning modes, and portable functionality. That implies that wannabe musicians should go through the digital or electronic pianos first. Then there comes the stage for actual acoustic piano playing.

We have presented you with the best digital piano for beginners 2022 that you can find in the market. But at the end of the day, it is your choice to prefer to meet your needs.

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