Skoove Review: Smarter Piano Learning Guide Online for Beginners

Here is an in-depth Skoove review guide that helps you in understanding its merits and demerits, so you can learn piano efficiently.

Skoove Review

If you are someone desperately trying to learn Piano yet cannot find the time to roll into some course, an online course can be your ultimate savior. Here, nothing better than Skoove can help you. In simple words, it is an online platform designed for absorbing conceptual clarity, enhancing your skill with practice sessions, and tracking your progress over time.

skoove review

Similarly, it incorporates a number of features accompanied by an easily understandable and straightforward interface that serves you well. It is further categorized in terms of skill level which makes it highly versatile. To know more about this online program, consider this comprehensive Skoove review that can help you make up your mind about whether to get into it or not. So, dive right in for more.

What is Skoove? The Skoove Review:

Skoove was founded in 2014 in Berlin to make learning music easy and accessible to people around the world, anywhere and anytime. In simple words, Skoove is an online platform that is designed to help you learn Piano with ultimate fun and ease. If you are in the initial stages of playing Piano and want to explore more of it, it is an impressive online alternative you can consider.

Likewise, within this app, you will find different videos, tutorials, and playlists that can allow you to choose the curriculum and learn it correctly in your own way. Another feature that makes this app one of my favorites is that you get to contact piano teachers anytime. So, as a student, you are able to learn more than just playing the basic Piano. It has a variety of options with which you can access old lessons, your piano history, and much more easily.

How Does It Work?

As this application is primarily designed to engage international students across the globe, it incorporates six different languages that add to the overall ease and convenience. It further comes with an easy-to-understand and straightforward interface that is largely compatible with most operating systems and has a similar setup process in each. Thereby, you can easily switch devices with time without worrying about learning the entire manual repeatedly.

In addition, it further includes flexible payment methods that you can easily customize as per your requirements. It even comes with a free trial that incorporates some basic concepts, inputs, and bonus lessons that can help you throughout. It specializes in theory and practice. The interface is further categorized in terms of levels ranging from beginner (1), intermediate (2), and advanced (3), so you can utilize it as per your needs. It also allows you to improvise music as per your liking.

Likewise, it has functions that can help you understand and absorb the nuances of music, including rhythm, melody, depth, character, symbol, and much more. It also includes features like reading music, sight-reading, and so on, making it easy to progress in your skills. All in all, it is equipped with some daily and weekly assessments that help you in monitoring your progress over time, so you have an idea of where to start.

Subscription Options

skoove pricing

If you are someone who cannot tolerate forced marketing and overpriced subscription methods, this Skoove app is a great deal for you. All in all, its subscription options are quite flexible and can be tailored as per your individual preferences. Here are some of the membership methods you can use to facilitate your learning;

  • Monthly: This subscription would charge you at least $19.9 per month. If you are most likely trying it for the first time or cannot commit to this app on an annual basis, you can always utilize this option. This way, you are making your learning easy and flexible.
  • For Three Months: If you are someone who cannot remember to pay the bills every month yet doesn’t want to commit to this app annually, this Skoove 3 months trial subscription option is for you. All in all, it would charge you $13.3 which is relatively less costly than the monthly subscription. This program includes everything the course has to offer.
  • Annual Subscription: This Skoove premium is undoubtedly one of the best Skoove piano membership methods, considering the access to material and cost. It would charge you only $9.99 per month, which is quite less than a monthly subscription. Thereby, you will be saving an insane amount in the end. So, if you can commit to this app and want something easily accessible all the time, this method is the one you should go for.

In essence, the Skoove pricing program is affordable and less costly than other online platforms you can find. You can also get the first three lessons without any cost, including the basics, introduction, and objectives of the course. So, I would highly recommend you consider these free lessons to make a decision about whether this course suits you or not.

What are the Requirements for Using Skoove?

Here, you should also consider some basic requirements and setup processes of the app that can help you further in the process. For this purpose, you would need either a USB or MIDI keyboard as they are able to support acoustic pianos quite well. You can choose this option from the prompt that will appear during the setup phase. I would also recommend you go for these as they are easy to set up and build.

Likewise, there are two options within this category, one being digital pianos and the other ones are acoustic pianos. To set the digital one, you would need any USB or MIDI keyboard port that you can easily insert into the computer for operation. In contrast, the acoustic Piano demands a reliable and functional microphone in your computer. So, before choosing one, always consider the one that suits you well.

Key Features of the App

Here are some of the key features of the application that makes it different from other competitors in the online market;

skoove piano lessons

  It Can Hear Your Music:  

The most popular function of this Skoove application is its ability to hear you playing the Piano. This function works for both digital and acoustic keyboards, so you just need to have a reliable microphone or USB cord. Here, I would suggest you add an external USB mic and press the keys firmly, so it can hear you clearly. Thereby, after hearing your music, this application has constructive feedback and advice for you that can help you in maintaining a quality posture and progress in playing the instrument.

  Reading the Music:  

While playing Piano, it is important that you have a catalyst that can help you in making the process of reading music less tedious and tiring. For this purpose, Skoove is here with its different lessons on reading music. As this procedure demands time and practice, this application helps you in not only practice but also monitor your progress over time. Here, it is worth mentioning that this skill can further help you in understanding music better and using it for other instruments as well.

  A Large Library:  

Likewise, with the Skoove app, you are getting access to a large collection of music from which you can choose the one that you need for the time being. These materials range from traditional to classical and modern hit songs with an option to characterize them as favorites. This library further incorporates some updates that show you currently popular and trendy songs that you can integrate into your routine. This collection is also categorized as per different skill sets; you can easily access your desired music.

  Innovation and Creativity:  

Apart from learning and enhancing your skills, this app further allows you to compose new melodies. Hence, for this purpose, you can use the depth adjustments, and improvisation function to add character to your designed music. In addition, you can also experiment with the already existing songs by improvising them through advanced methods included in the program. This makes the learning process even more fun and exciting, which is another plus point of this application.

  Multiple-Interface Program:  

Another feature that makes it a great deal for users is that it is compatible with a number of platforms, whether it is your PC, Mac, iPhone, or even iPad. Also, the composition and layout are pretty much similar in all these versions which provides you with ease and convenience. So, you can easily learn it and switch devices quite easily. The only problem here is that it doesn’t support Android. However, considering the advancements over the years, we can expect something from the program.

  Music Theory Function:  

This course has a collection of over 400 lessons on music theory that can help you in understanding the different dynamics of the Piano. These lessons provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the levels that help you attain and absorb more easily. Similarly, it integrates these lessons as per your skill set ranging from beginner to intermediate and professional. So, you can easily grasp nuances of Piano such as composition, rhythm, scales, chords, and much more for conceptual clarity.

  Choosing the Curriculum:  

This app further helps you in designing your own Skoove piano lessons and the speed with which you can progress easily without any issues. If you want to tailor it as per your daily schedule, this option will always be there for you. I really like the fact that it allows you to redo one part or section repeatedly many times as per your preferences. Hence, the overall control of the course is in your hands.


  • It is highly versatile as it is absolutely able to serve people with basic, intermediate, and professional skill sets. It has a wide selection of songs and playlists with theoretical and practical lessons that can help you in enhancing your skill and absorb the nuances of musical concepts. Also, you can get both auditory and visual clarity with this program.
  • It has a wide range of music collections and a large library that is perfectly equipped to help you with classic, traditional, and modern hit songs.
  • The progress-monitoring systems and assessments are great for beginners who want to track their performance over time. Also, it allows you to tailor these methods as per your requirements and can repeat these lessons according to your own pace.
  • The overall composition and layout are designed to help users with ease and convenience so that new people across the world can easily navigate. It includes different options such as digital keyboards and acoustic layout, with easy connectivity alternatives.
  • It incorporates a flexible system of subscriptions that is composed after considering all the problems users face with other apps.


  • It doesn’t work on Android, which can be a problem for many users.
  • People also feel some inconveniences, such as managing music sheets, customizing the interface, and not being able to access full sheets.

Some Famous Alternatives

After reading this comprehensive review, if you still want to reconsider this decision, there are many other options you can consider. You can further compare them with this Skoove program to do a more rational cost/ benefit analysis. To facilitate you, these are some of the common alternatives you can consider for piano learning;

skoove vs flowkey vs pianoforall vs simply piano

Skoove vs. Flowkey

While comparing both, I can say that Flowkey can be an expensive alternative. Thereby, you will also be getting more options and a large collection to choose from. It further has a number of functions that allow you to control the overall speed of lessons, which is similar to the Skoove application. When it comes to advanced improvisation, you can also increase or decrease the tempo and loop some songs. So, considering these functions, Flowkey is well-suited for professionals rather than beginners and vice versa.

Skoove vs Pianoforall

Here comes another commonly used application used to learn Piano that works on one-time payment principles. Thereby, by paying only one time, you can get all the videos and lessons with nine interactive bonus sessions where professionals can guide you well. However, this is primarily designed for beginners which makes it a little less versatile than Skoove.

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Skoove vs. Simply Piano

Last but not least, this Simply Piano application is another quality alternative for anyone in search of learning Piano and monitoring their progress. It incorporates interactive sessions, and progress-monitoring lessons, and works in a game-like format, so the learning becomes more fun and exciting. However, it is not designed for people with intermediate and professional skills, making it a bit less versatile than Skoove. All in all, it is an impressive and fun yet budgeted alternative for beginners and newbies.

Hence, based on your individual requirements and skill set, you can choose the one that serves you well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Simply Piano or Skoove?

Well, it totally depends on your skills and demands. The Skoove application is designed to help people with different skill sets. It is designed with an easy interface and advanced techniques that allow you to practice your skill ideally and absorb the nuanced concepts of music. In contrast, Simply Piano is designed primarily for beginners, with a better progress monitoring system and basic lessons that can help you excel better in this field. So, you can choose the one that suits you well.

Is Skoove any good?

Yes, the Skoove application is an impressive online platform you can use to study music and learn Piano. Although it might have some drawbacks, it is a great way to absorb concepts, practice the skill, and monitor your progress over time. All in all, it has an advanced foundational knowledge basis that can help you excel in this field. In comparison to other options like Playground Sessions, it is designed to facilitate all skill sets with a flexible subscription method.

Does Skoove teach music theory?

Yes, Skoove has absolutely well-organized functions that are specialized in music theory, sight-reading, and listening. The dedicated features provide you guidance (as per your skill set) to absorb much of the nuanced musical concepts, so you can understand the rhythm, melody, symbol, and character better than usual. Hence, you can further utilize this knowledge for other instruments.

Who Can Benefit from this Course?

Skoove Review: This is an online platform that is designed to help you learn Piano with ultimate fun and ease. If you are someone with basic to intermediate or even advanced skills and want to explore more of this field of music, I would highly suggest you consider this alternative. It is designed to help you understand and absorb music theoretically and practically.

Likewise, it is composed to facilitate different skills accompanied by a large library and various functions, making it effective and versatile. Therefore, if you want to spend your leisure time playing the Piano or want to progress in this field, this Skoove application is a beneficial deal for you. In addition, its flexible payment system makes it absolutely worth your time and investment.

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