Most Expensive Pianos In The World: [TOP 10] Luxurious List

From the medieval ages to the contemporary era, pianos have become the symbol of music and class. These classical alternatives are responsible largely for representing the luxuriousness of the musical world in the true sense. This has given rise to some of the high-end and extraordinary instruments, crafted largely by hands with intricate detailing.

Most Expensive Pianos

A number of brands, over the centuries, have come with unrivaled and sophisticated designs, having technologically advanced sound and equal aesthetic value. Grand pianos are the life of central concerts and demand a piece that would attract the listener’s full attention. This article brought together some of the most expensive pianos with attractive inspiration around the world and brands that have been responsible for bringing these mesmerizing art pieces to the world.

10 Most Expensive Pianos In The World

#1 Bluthner PH Grand | $1.5 million

Bluthner PH Grand

This amazingly mesmerizing piano piece was designed by Paul Henningsen, between the world wars, who was an author and a critic. The designer also known as PH or Progressive Dane symbolizes his spirit for the design. Likewise, this design has also been associated with his quote, ‘all good art is political. This piano frame was largely inspired by the struggles of fighting the bourgeoisie by the preliterate in Berlin. the proximity cost of this piano is 1.5 million dollars.

In addition, it also served as a satirical way to express designers’ opinions through this art form. This was popular for its pre-war ‘Cabaret’ music style which was largely a source of entertainment for people at that time. In contemporary times, it represents the moral corruption of the rich people at that time and the political struggles that led to the transformation of Germany as a nation. The futuristic design is built with intricacy and detailing, having Danish lines and handcrafted patterns.

#2 Bosendorfer Opus 50.000 | $750,000

Bosendorfer Opus 50.000

Here comes another majestic and classic design from Bosendorfer with elegant and medieval looks. It is largely inspired by the aesthetic beauty of old Vienna and was designed on the occasion of the anniversary of Bosendorfer. Similarly, it further features detailed woodwork and handcrafted patterns that make it even more delightful and mesmerizing to look at. The No 50.000 was created and placed in the World Exhibition in 1867 Paris. It is worth $ 7.5 million, making it the most expensive piano in the world.

It is inspired by Theophil Hansen’s design of the piano, having Danish architecture and German woodwork. The work here represents the 19th-century Vienna buildings such as Concert Hall, Brahms Saal, and Parliament with majestic sizes and giant wood-crafted patterns. It integrates two figures that are placed on the front of the piano, making it even more traditional and antique. These figurines have 24-carat gold that is protected by a transparent polyester layer that keeps its sheen and luminosity intact.

Speaking of the design, the element is enhanced by the use of gold that gives off the appearance of a typical 19th-century piano. Likewise, it extends to the trim of the body and also covers the chair that moves your eye from one place to another, making it even more attractive. This model incorporates the Imperial foot and 92 keys and has been used for major performances in Vienna. All in all, it is a beautiful and elegant piece of neoclassical Vienna instruments.

#3 Schimmel Pegasus | $3.5 million

Schimmel Pegasus

Additionally, this daring one-piece piano set from Schimmel Pegasus is absolutely elegant and bold. The German designer Prof. Luigi Colani and Nicholas Pegasus. This piece was developed from getting inspired by his grandfather. He wanted to experiment with the traditional look of the piano and desired to instill a modern and contemporary element that has not been changed for the last 150 years. The Pegasus cost around 3.5 million dollars and has even won the Grand Piano Price in Toronto.

Many called it a daring piece of art and bold sculpture that broadened the horizon for designers who are to come in the future years. The design captured the imagination of the designer in a subtle yet bold and futuristic way. It is largely inspired by poetry and features a horse in modern and contemporary attire. This Pegasus design negated the traditional boundaries of piano designs and created something phenomenal for the modern century, depicting the artist’s inspirations and love towards the art.

#4 Crystal Piano, Heintzman | $3,220,000

Heintzman Crystal Piano

Steinway & Sons is a leading and high-end brand when it comes to expensive pianos. Similarly, this Crystal Grand frame was designed by Heintzman in 2008. This one of the most expensive grand pianos features a transparent design with a contemporary frame. The keyboard and soundboard are designed with black finished wood that complements the overall glass crystal structure.

Another thing that gives it an edge over others is that it was played by pianist Lang Lang in the Olympics 2008 in Beijing. The reason for it being highly expensive and worthy is that it is designed with crystal Grand that is so fragile and timid that it is only used for one or two performances. It is currently possessed by only a few people and can cost you around 3 to 4 million dollars, making it an expensive Steinway piano.

#5 Fazioli Gold Leaf | $450,000

Fazioli Gold Leaf

Fazioli is one of the leading and high-end brands from where you can get expensive pianos with elegant and classical designs. If you are someone who likes gold-plated attires, this one is a great way to complement your space. It is completely covered in 24-carat gold from a line pattern that makes it highly expensive and worthy. It also is inspired by the medieval fashion of Versailles that has been incorporated in the 21st century.

Likewise, the design also integrates a transparent polyester cover that protects the gold-plated frame and keeps the surface luminous and shiny. The eye-catching design of this piano makes it a delightful experience for the listeners. Followed by this, another highlight of this design is the Russian chair that makes it even more attractive and intriguing for the eyes. Overall, the price of this piano set from Fazioli cost around 4.5 million dollars.

#6 As Time Goes By | $3.4 million

As Time Goes By

In addition, here comes another most expensive piano from Kohler and Campbell, with detailed and intricate woodwork that is inspired largely by old-school design. The name ‘As Time Goes By’ has been taken as a reference from the Dooley Wilson song ‘Casablanca,’ from 1942. It further features miniature paintings with decorated wood construction that makes it pleasing to the eyes. As the piano is designed small, the keys are only 58 (normally pianos have 88 keys). It is approximately worth 3.4 million dollars.

Although there is nothing special about the design, the leitmotif integrated into the construction represents the memory of ‘Lost Love’ for the audience. Hence, it becomes a symbol of poetry and entertains the audience. It has also been used in many Hollywood movies, and in 2014, it was auctioned for 3.4 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive pianos out there. Another fact that makes it worthy of the price and interesting is that it has been played as the Warner Bros movies Studio theme song.

#7 Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons | $1,925,000

Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons

Likewise, this contrasted Grand Piano, designed by Steinway & Sons, presents an elegant and refined image of the art. It was largely designed for auction by the lead singer of U2 in New York. The RED Global Foundation raised awareness for tuberculosis and AIDS in Africa. It was sold for 1.9 million dollars to Stewart Rahn.

In addition, this piano design offers a contrasting red and white interior and offers a customizable seat with Ebony polish that makes it worth the money. It is largely seen as a piece of ‘ethical consumerism’ that was an initiative taken by the West to help the third world or less developed countries in Africa.

The campaign was responsible for attaining 26 million dollars for the cause. Before the auction, many artists like Bono, Chris Martin, and Lou Reed performed different songs and collaborated on this, which makes it even more valuable. Amazingly, the design features a contemporary and modern look of the piano with simple yet elegant work that makes it visually appealing and delightful for listeners.

#8 John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z | $2,370,000

John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z

Coming from Steinway & Sons, this John Lennon Model Z piano design has intricate woodwork and typical, classical design. It is considered one of the most expensive pianos out there for its beat plane, and wooden design. It has been there for the longest time among the list of most luxurious items. The estimated cost of this Lenin composed ‘Imagine Model Z’ was 2.37 million dollars in 2000; the time when it was auctioned.

This unique piece was bought by George Michael, who owned a list of other luxurious and expensive piano items. He further donated it to Liverpool’s Beatles museum, and it has not been used for any recordings after that time. Now, it has been positioned in the museum as an antique piece. All in all, it has elegant woodwork with no detailing with 88 keys.

#9 Steinway & Sons Pictures at An Exposition | $2.5 million

Steinway & Sons Pictures at an Exhibition

Here comes another high-end majestic piano design from Steinway & Sons with wood construction. As the name suggests, this ‘Picture at an Exposition’ features a customizable painting by Steinway that has a scope of personalization. Therefore, you can repaint and sketch it as per your style and taste. All in all, it comes within the price range of $2.5 million, with customization included.

Likewise, the legs of this piano set are made up of rare Russian cuckoo wood that has a smooth and intricate style. It also has a comfortable velvet seat that is inspired by medieval Russian stories. In addition, the painting features mesmerizing scenery that makes the listener’s experience even more enjoyable. Another fact that makes it worth the money is that the scenery also includes Mussorgsky’s portrait.

#10 Steinway & Sons Fibonacci | $2.4 million

Steinway & Sons Fibonacci

This Fibonacci piano is from Steinway & Sons, with beautiful and elegant mathematical and geometric sequences. This one is designed by Frank Pollaro incorporates different wooden patterns in different directions that make the eyes follow the perfectly aligned movement. It includes 1200 of these sequences with 3-D spirals. All in all, it costs around $2.4 million dollars with customizations and inclusive detailing.

The wood used in this elegant and classic instrument is an outer veneer. If you have been in this business for quite some time, this one is rarest and highly expensive with an intricate and smooth finish. Another factor that makes it worth the price is that the wood is handcrafted by using puzzle technique. The Fibanno sequence used in this piano was originated by Leonardo of Pisa.

Most Expensive Piano Brands

1. Bosendorfer

Bosendorfer - The Most Expensive Piano Brand

The most expensive piano, Bosendorfer, came from this oldest brand. It is an Austrian brand that has been popular for its vintage and typical royal pianos of medieval times. This brand has made its name in the early 20th century and has designed some of the luxurious pianos for central concert halls. It has also produced some of the best sounds with Imperials Model 290s with approximately 97 keys (instead of 88 keys).

Another prominent inclusion was done by Italian superstar Ferrucio who came up with Bach organ music and spread the brand’s reach outside the Austrian boundaries. During the manufacturing process, the rims of Bosendorfer designs are different and use solid pieces of spruce for better sound. All in all, the brand has still maintained its legacy in the 21st century with some of the most luxurious and contemporary models. The most famous modern design is the Kuhn Piano with a crystal frame and strings.

2. Fazioli

Fazioli brand

One of the oldest brands is Fazioli when it comes to manufacturing pianos. This brand was founded by Paolo Fazioli, who himself is a pianist and has come up with some of the most delicate and technologically advanced instruments. Over the years, it has become famous for its longest concert grand pianos with loud-soft voice and 97 keys. They have integrated the richness of the tone and volume in a way that not one thing is compromised.

The state-of-the-art facility of this brand is in Italy, where they have produced over 125 patents. They have also designed some of the most expensive pianos, inspired by the sultans, royal, and medieval designs. The use of rare wood and emeralds is common in these pianos. Some bold choices from the brand have been inspired by the sailboat, horse, and dolphin that increase the intriguing value of these brands.

3. Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons

Probably, one of the best and renowned brands for most expensive pianos is this American-German brand Steinway & Sons. This brand, over the years, has come up with its own interpretations of European old-school and typical American pianos. It was originally founded in North America in the 1850s with the most unique and luxurious designs. Since then, it has become a successful business venture with diverse art pieces.

In 1869, this was the first brand to come up with the Gold Medal of Honours in Paris. Over the years, this brand has come up with 125 patents and versatile pianos with amazing sound qualities. For technological advancements, in 2015, this Steinway brand has integrated XL live advancement that makes it open to participation globally. All in all, the evolving nature of this brand has resulted in the development of some of the most expensive Steinway pianos worth millions of dollars.

4. Bechstein


This is a German brand, founded in 1853, famous for the most trusted reliable and high and piano designs. For more than a century, they have been producing Grand Majestic pianos for central stages that have been highly appreciated by music lovers. The precise and accurate craftworks and intricacy in the manufacturing stages make it a well-renowned and trusted brand.

Over the course of time, the brand has come up with replicas of the vintage and typical pianos that increase its visual appeal and aesthetic value. Another thing that makes this brand different from others and unique is its sound. Hence, the keys are highly focused on producing a voice-like sound. For the past 19th and 20th centuries, the brand has come up with some of the most expensive pianos with intricacy, detail, and minute work.

The brand has also worked on technical advancements and has come up with a unique sound. A well-renowned ‘Round Iconic Next Grand Piano’ came from this brand and took 1600 others to build. It is considered a 6th generation piano. This piano has been placed in a museum and has been appreciated as an old-school traditional piece of art.

5. Bluthner

Bluthner - Most Expensive Piano Brand in the World

Founded by Julius Bluthner, this German brand came into being in 1853 and is popular for its delicate and sophisticated piano pieces. The brand has gained international recognition with its intricate craftsmanship and woodwork. This manufacturing brand is also inclusive of some of the middle-class designs for a larger audience. This family business has expanded in different corners of the world with luxury and expensive products, famous for their technically reliable sound and aesthetic designs.

6. Yamaha


Here comes another reliable and trusted brand for the most expensive pianos. It is one of the largest piano brands with large manufacturing. The first-ever piece from this brand was founded in 1900 by Torakusu Yamaha who was the pioneer of the brand. Over the course of time, this brand has come with different musical instruments; however, the main area of interest still remains the piano.

When it comes to grand concert pianos, this brand has come with prestigious and luxurious pianos such as Chopin and CFX. CFX is one of the most renowned and expensive instruments out there with responsive and fast keys with immense competition in the field. All in all, the quality of craftsmanship and legacy has been intact with this brand.

7. Steingraeber & Sohne

Steingraeber & Sohne

Here comes another German brand that is popular for its rich and high-end musical instrument. Over the centuries, this brand has come up with stellar pianos and Mozart pieces that provide technologically advanced and modern designs. Some of the most popular designs are ‘The Ring of The Nibelung,’ ‘Bayreuth,’ and much more to be used in grand concerts. Most of its models are designed with aluminum and carbon fiber that has gained much popularity in modern times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a high-end piano cost?

The majority of the high-end pianos cost you around $10,000 to $3 million. That is highly expensive and might not be affordable by the majority of the consumers. There are some less expensive models as well that range between $7000 to $30,000 and are specifically designed for beginners. Similarly, some high-end brands such as Yamaha and Steinway sell products ranging between $65000 to million dollars.

Why is a Steinway so expensive?

Steinway is one of the most expensive piano manufacturing brands present in the market. Their pianos fall under the range of $1 million to $3 million and are highly durable in nature. The reason for the high price is the large product size which requires more construction material such as wood. Along with this, increased labor and delicate work are also required for this purpose. Thus, leading to the expensiveness of the models.

Is Yamaha better than Steinway?

Both Yamaha and Steinway are neck to neck with each other and are characterized by their high-quality products and remarkable sound quality. However, the Steinway pianos are more expensive and might not be affordable by all. In comparison, Yamaha is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased if you find the former way out of your league.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of the manufacturing of pianos across the world has brought about some of the most sophisticated and dedicated pieces. This has made the field much more enjoyable and fascinating. The most expensive pianos are the life of any central concert that intrigues audiences’ attention easily and strikes anyone who looks at them. Over the course of the period, credible brands have come up to introduce these amazingly designed art pieces to us.

Finally, if you are a music lover and closely monitor the field, there were some fun facts for you to enjoy.

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