Baby Grand Piano Dimensions – Measuring The Size, Height & Weight

Here are some of the key points regarding baby grand piano dimensions that you may find useful while purchasing one.

baby grand piano dimensions

Baby grand pianos add value to the beauty of the home. Thus, a lot of people prefer to place them in their houses as decoration pieces. However, some people are actually quite ambitious about learning a grand piano, and what can be better than being able to learn it by just sitting in your living room. The grand pianos for home are smaller in size as compared to ones that are used for professional purposes. So in this article, I will talk about some of the basic features and dimensions of a baby grand piano in detail:

Baby Grand Piano Dimensions

There are multiple factors that determine the dimension of a baby grand piano. The dimension depends upon the material that is used in its composition, the brand’s style, and so much more. Usually, a three-legged grand piano is suitable for home because it is compact. So to make it easier for you to understand, I have enlisted some of the important points below regarding its dimension which you may find fruitful:

baby grand piano measurements

1. Dimension

The dimension of the baby grand pianos may differ depending upon the company. However, on a general level, the dimension ranges from 4’11 to 5’11. Moreover, if I talk about its tail then I will not be wrong to say that its dimension is approximately 3’ wide. This is a general idea that may differ because different types of pianos are manufactured differently by various companies. So, there is not a single rule that can give you the exact figure regarding its dimension but to have a rough idea, keep this dimension in mind.

2. Weight

The weight of the baby grand piano also varies because there is not just one material that is used in the composition of all pianos. Some of the materials include wood, acrylic, and so much more. So, with the change in material, the weight will also vary. Generally, its weight ranges from 500 pounds to 700 pounds. Plus, if the piano is fancy and has designs made up of acrylic then it is obvious that its weight will be much more as compared to a simple one. The brands also have their unique style which determines the weight of the baby grand piano’s dimensions, weight, and length.

3. Space

It is important to know the dimension beforehand because it will save you from any inconvenience in the future. Knowing the dimension will help you in making the required adjustments in your house regarding the space. The space is one of the major issues that you see if you purchase a grand piano without the proper measurements. However, the size of the baby grand piano is most ideal as it perfectly fits in the room. Also, because its size is comparatively smaller than the big pianos that are used at concerts or for other professional purposes.

In homes, usually, three-legged pianos with an 88-key keyboard are suitable because they are smaller. The grand pianos with six to eight feet are usually used in salons or sometimes in small concerts too. However, there is another category of grand pianos that ranges from nine feet to ten feet. Both types are not much suitable for the home since they occupy a lot of space.

4. Soundboard

The soundboard plays a major role in determining the quality of the sound and its reach. Those who use the piano for professional purposes usually use the one with a large soundboard so that the sound is audible to everyone. If the soundboard is small, it is definitely going to affect the sound’s reach as its sound will become limited. So in homes, one cannot afford too much noise and loud sound which is why a smaller soundboard should be preferred.

5. Tail

A wide tail affects the bass effect of the sound. If you love the bass effect then you must go for the one with a wide tail. Not just that but the pianos with a wide tail tend to be more effective in terms of the receptive area. However, as much as the tail is important for the bass sound, the skills of using it appropriately also matter a lot. Plus, the quality also matters a lot as it determines the quality of the sound. To experience a clearer and loud sound, focusing on the quality is a must.


Can a baby grand piano fit through a door?

It is not possible that the baby grand piano fits through the door as it is. You will definitely have to disassemble it and separate its various parts for easy entry. Doors are usually slender which is why the space is also narrow. Meanwhile, the baby grand pianos have a width that does not fit easily. So, you can simply remove the lid and the legs and make things easier.

What is the difference between a grand piano and a baby grand piano?

The difference between them lies in their length and size. The grand piano is comparatively bigger than this, it has a louder sound. On the other hand, if the size is smaller then the sound will not reach everywhere. Plus, the quality of the sound is also affected by the size.

How do you move a grand piano across the room?

Rolling or sliding are the only options to move a grand piano from one place to another. You can use sliders for moving it across the room and for changing its location. A furniture slider in this case is a must.


If you love playing piano and are planning to buy it for your home, then do check out its various features. Dimension is a very important aspect of a grand piano since it determines the space that will be occupied. To avoid any issues regarding the space, do measure it beforehand so that it easily fits into the room. Plus, the warranty should always be priorities because even if you face any issue, later on, you can simply contact the company.

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