Korg LP 380 Review: A Great Budget Piano of 2023

This Korg LP 380 review can help you do its cost/benefit analysis in terms of sound, design, and specifications.

Korg LP 380 Review

If you are looking for a medium-range piano with highly engineered sound quality and better improvisation scope, nothing better than Korg LP 380 keyboard. It is a fantastic choice for people with intermediate skills, having a visually appealing design and easily understandable display, not to mention an energy-efficient motor. This keyboard specializes in extensive and contemporary keyboard sound with range and intricacy.

Likewise, it is equipped with a number of modes and functions that allow you to introduce customizations at your convenience. So, if you are in search of something functional yet basic for routine practice sessions, I would highly recommend you consider this. To know more about this one, you can consider this comprehensive Korg LP 380 review. So, let’s get in.

Korg LP 380 Review


  • Includes three levels of touch sensitivity.
  • It comes with nine types of temperament.
  • Offers a powerful and high-output speaker system.
  • 15 W power consumption (long battery life).
  • It is equipped with thirty different voices, including piano and electric sounds.
  • It further comes with demo songs.
  • Includes pedaling support (damper, soft, and sostenuto).
  • Transposition and metronome function.
  • It comes with built-in effects (reverb, brilliance, and chorus).
  • Includes fully-weighted hammer action keys (88) with a simple yet functional layout.
  • It comes with MIDI, USB, and Headphones connectivity options.
  • Includes an LCD screen display and easily understandable instructions.

Design and Construction

The first thing you will notice in this piano is its modern design which is also one of the best selling points of this keyboard. It is contemporary, and stylish, looks very basic yet highly functional, and absolutely complements your modern space. Similarly, it is designed with high-quality plastic and has only 26 inches in depth. However, it feels thin and looks lightweight, making it an impressive alternative to be used on a daily basis.

I also really liked the soft close lid that can be used as a music stand, so you don’t have to invest additional money on this. Further, this digital piano is also quite basic and small, so you can easily save space without making it an understatement of your living space. All in all, if aesthetic value and visual appeal are your primary concerns, I would highly recommend you consider this Korg LP 380.

Keyboard Feels

When it comes to overall usage, this Korg LP 380 (with 88 fully-weighted hammer keys) is designed with all the real-weighted hammer action keys that provide you with comfort and ease. The keyboard further incorporates three different levels of touch sensitivity, including light, normal, and advanced. So, you can adjust them at your convenience. If you are a beginner, this function can also help you in tracking your performance and enhance the feel of this piano. Must check our latest blog on Alesis Recital Pro if you’re looking for the best 88 key piano keyboard.

Assembly Process

The package comes with a standard pedal and stand box that allows you to easily set up this piano. On the whole, installing this one is not difficult and does not demand any expertise. The package includes an instruction manual that helps you through this process. It is worth mentioning that these instructions are quite clear and easily understandable. If you have worked previously with Roland and Yamaha, you will feel that it is similar to those.

Sound Quality and Engineering

This Korg LP 380 is equipped with a heavily engineered and enhanced piano sound, having perfect contrast and bass value. This one comes with a Natural Piano Engine and Intelligent Resonator System AiR that is highly saturated and provides you with a high stereo voice. In addition, the twelve polyphony voices included in the design come with 256 different notes (including high and low), so you can work with a decently engineered sound easily.

Similarly, if you are an advanced user and looking for something that can be improvised, using the RH3 hammer action keys is absolutely a wise option to consider. These are third-generation keys, so you don’t have to worry about the overall comfort and sound quality. Furthermore, the touch selection system included in the design allows you to choose the voice at your convenience.

Control Options and Layout

Another thing you will have to consider while buying this Korg LP 380 is its control system. Overall, I didn’t find these options difficult or lacking response in any way; however, the bolts and knobs are not the best. All in all, you are getting a number of knobs and buttons that allow you to easily adjust the overall sound and advanced features. It is further accompanied by an LCD screen with which you can easily record multiple songs at a time, making it an impressive alternative for anyone who wants to practice.

Likewise, when it comes to the layout, the thing I absolutely love is its multi-function buttons that allow you to easily learn the manual. These buttons are attributed to different functions that leave so much space on the control panel and provide you with a minimalist layout. All of these features are also described comprehensively in the instruction manual, so in case of any query, you can always consult the manual for guidance.

Accessories Included in the Package

It is also worth mentioning that the LP 380 comes with a number of accessories to make it absolutely worth its price and maximize your overall utility. It incorporates pedal adjustments that allow you to add richness and character to the overall sound. Similarly, the screwdriver is also included in case you need to put together the piano and repair some parts of it. Also, the fact that it comes in one package prevents you from investing in a separate stand or pedal stabilizer.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that can help you in understanding the utility of this piano keyboard for better;


When it comes to connectivity, the manufacturers have included USB and MIDI ports in the design. Although it is basic, it is understandable considering the overall price of this product. On the whole, it is the standard connectivity option that can facilitate a number of applications and devices. Thereby, you can easily connect DAW and other external devices for compositions and improvisations. Likewise, the headphone option allows you to hear your own voice to monitor the overall progress.

  Speaker System:  

One of the best selling points of this Korg LP 380 is its highly powerful output speaker system. It is positioned just under the keyboard which provides you with an illusion that the sound is coming from your own body, making the melodies even more enhanced and sharp. In simple words, the speakers offer a realistic aspect of the piano’s sound system. All in all, it provides you with a nuanced and sharp sound, having an equal proportion of bass and frequency.

  Built-in Effects:  

If you are someone who likes to experiment with the overall sound and texture, these built-in effects included in the design are absolutely perfect for you. Although there is not much to it, the reverb and chorus adjustments make that absolutely best for high-quality music production. You can further use these features to enhance the overall quality and add richness and character to the music.


Another thing I absolutely appreciate in this design is the addition of the Metronome function. Although most digital pianos include this feature, this is one of the few that have incorporated advanced technology in this. Hence, it allows you to customize the overall tuning of your metronome with ease and convenience. All in all, this feature makes it a great product for students who are looking for something that can facilitate them through their practice sessions.

  Demo Songs:  

Last but not least, this Korg LP 380 comes with a number of pre-existing demo songs that allow you to interact and improvise the music efficiently. If you are a beginner, these songs help you through your practice sessions in enhancing and progressing your skills throughout. Likewise, you (as a professional) can also change the chorus, reverb, and melody of these demo songs that maximize its utility ideally.

Some Alternate Options

Here are some of the other alternatives that you can compare to this Korg LP380;

Korg LP 380 vs. Casio Privia PX-870

The LP 380 is designed for beginners searching for something fun and functional yet budget-friendly to practice their scale on. In contrast, the Casio Privia PX-870 is designed with a grand piano sound and micro-level engineering that makes it a great option for people with intermediate and advanced skills. If you’re looking for something to improve your skills on and to experiment with, going for Casio Privia PX 870 is a wise option.

Korg LP 380 vs. Roland F701

Similarly, this Roland F701 is another quality alternative you can go for. This digital piano is equipped with innovation and creativity that allows you to customize your entire music production and learning experience. Likewise, it is compact and suits your modern-day living space. All in all, it is similar to the LP 380; however, it can be a bit expensive for beginners. So, based on your budget, you can ideally choose which one to go for.

Korg LP 380 vs. Yamaha Arius YDP-144

In the end, Yamaha YDP 144 is another honorable mention here because of its wide range of recognition and highly engineered/ processed sound quality. Similarly, this one is more of a traditional digital piano that has a manual setup and adjustments. So, I would not suggest you consider this one until and unless you have some level of expertise and previous experience with digital pianos.


  • The design is compact, thin, and visually appealing. Likewise, you don’t have to compromise the durability and functionality.
  • It consumes less than usual power, making it long-lasting and energy-efficient.
  • The piano comes with an easily understandable and convenient control system, making it ideal for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • The sound quality is absolutely fantastic, considering its number of functions and adjustable features that allow you to use it for improvisation.


  • Pedal adjustments might issue
  • The model needs some improvements

Korg LP 380 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Korg LP 380 any good?

All in all, this Korg LP 380 is absolutely impressive for beginners and people with intermediate skills. It integrates highly engineered sound quality and a number of modes and built-in effects that allow you to use it at your convenience and maximize its utility. In addition, the piano only consumes 15W of power, making it long-lasting and energy-efficient. Finally, the visually appealing design and hammer keys add value to it.

Are Korg pianos any good?

Yes, Korg pianos are absolutely versatile and offer great functionality. The brand is a big name for its key configuration and acoustic performance. Thereby, you will be equipped with better performance, better action, and engineered sound quality. Likewise, if you are someone who demands visual appeal in your piano design that can complement your living space, Korg pianos are the ones you should consider.

Which is better, Roland or Korg?

Well, it totally depends on your personal preferences and arrangement. When it comes to Korg, most of its pianos and keyboards are designed for beginners and intermediate skills and incorporate engineered sound with visually pleasing designs. In contrast, Roland is a leading name when it comes to advanced functions and traditional sounds. Thereby, as per your skillset and individual preference, you can choose one that suits you well.

Should I Invest in This Korg LP 380?

In the end, this Korg Digital Piano LP 380 is impressive for anyone with intermediate or basic skills. It is a medium-range keyboard that incorporates various functions and modes that allows you to make the learning process easy and fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in the initial stages of their journey and wants something easy yet highly efficient. All in all, its efficient motor, long life, aesthetically pleasing design, and versatility make it worth your consideration.

Finally, I hope that this Korg LP 380 review can help you make a buying decision.

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