Simply Piano Review; An App To Learn Piano Efficiently

Playing the piano is something very entertaining and enjoyable for pianists but the piano teacher is someone who plays an important role in learning the piano. Introducing you to a superb online piano teacher in the form of a Simply Piano App that will help you in learning about the piano.

Simply Piano App Review

Simply piano is not just an ordinary piano learning app but is an award-winning and highly popular app for learning piano through the play store of your mobile. By winning Appleโ€™s Editorโ€™s Choice Award, Best App from Google Play, and Parentsโ€™ Choice Award, it is now entertaining its 10 million-plus audience to make them learn piano in the quick and best possible way.

The creators of the Simply Piano app claim that many teachers and students use it to learn piano because of is both entertaining and educational at a time. Since it is easy to use it is famous among beginner pianists. And because of being a house of fundamental information related to piano playing, it is used by professionals too. There is so much to talk about Simply Piano Review so I have summarized everything in the following details for you to learn everything related to this wonderful piano learning app.

Simply Piano Review; An App To Learn Piano Efficiently

Here you will find everything related to the Simply Piano App, its downloading, features, and how it transforms beginners into professional pianists.

Downloading Of The App

Let us start with how to download it and what are the possibilities and restrictions related to the downloading of this app. Downloading this app is very easy and quick, as you only need to have a mobile phone or tablet with you in addition to the Piano set-up. And unlike other apps on the Play store, this Simply Piano app is just not available and compatible with computers so you need to have some handy android device with you.

The app will sync up with the piano’s mic to check for the notes, so make sure you have some kind of piano with you either acoustic, digital, or keyboard. Make sure it has 88 weighted keys in it. Now as you have everything essential for learning piano through this app, go to the play store search for the app, and download it.

As soon as you have downloaded it you will see the options of setting up an account. Here you have to select the experience level you have related to piano learning and the goals you want to achieve through this app in relevance to learning piano. Moreover, it will ask you about your name, age, and other basic information.

Set up everything as accurately as you can. Keep in mind that the app has an option of keeping 5 profiles at one time, so make sure to set the settings according to the need. Now that you have downloaded the app and have a piano by your side, let me introduce the features it provides the users with.

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Features Inside The App

While versatile and broad-spectrum, this Simply Piano app provides you with various features to learn piano both at beginner and professional levels. These features have great versatility during the piano practice you want to perform. Following is a brief explanation of some of the basic features that made this piano learning app stand out among many others apps on the Play store.


The versatility of courses this Simply Piano app provides the user with is what makes it ideal for everyone who wants to learn piano. It consists of 27 different courses further divided into two paths; soloist and chords. Now it depends on you which path you select, either you go with chords or soloist. But I will suggest you go with both of them simultaneously or one after the other.

Both of them when combined provide you with enormous knowledge of piano and its beats. No matter which one you select, both of them initiate with an introductory video related to the upcoming concepts. After that, your learning interface will start. This learning interface contains a musical staff visible at top of the screen and a keyboard just beneath it. Here you will get to know about the notes and the keys that produced those notes.

After learning these notes, you will be asked to replay them on your own. It is accompanied by music and backing tracks to make you able to play newly learned notes adequately. This replay session will let you know whether you are aware of the keys correctly or not. If you get them right they will turn blue and if you have played them wrongly they will turn red.

Moreover, in case you are taking so much time playing the notes, there would be a pop-up hint that will let you know where the note lies on the keyboard. This app will help you and guide you in learning the piano more perfectly. In case you have played the notes wrongly more than twice you will be taken back to the practicing session where you will re-practice everything and will re-perform again.


joytunes simply piano

The songs category consists of songs from which you can select according to your level of learning. All of these songs are further divided into two parts: introduction and chorus. It will help you in learning more perfectly by providing you with a break in the learning process. After the introduction, you will learn the bars, will listen to the song, learn, and then will replay within the presence of the backing track. Learning the song is similar to the procedure of learning the courses.

As soon as you complete the replaying of the song on your own, the screen will show you the ratings of your song out of three stars based on how correctly it is played. It will let you know how many notes were correctly played and how many were wrong. If you are looking to play with the band this Simply Piano app will inspire you the most as most of the songs it contains come with the singer and almost all of these songs consist of the backtrack that will help you in learning the songs easily.

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Sheet Music

This app makes the printing of sheet music possible so that you can reliably use it away from the app while playing and practicing without your mobile. This will help you in practicing more appropriately as there would be no hurdles like feedback from the app, constant backing tracks, or something like scrolling lines. In the presence of these sheets of music, you can easily play the piano outside the app.

Want A Membership? Simply Piano Cost And Pricing For Subscription

In case of getting a membership, you will be offered a 7-day free trial. And after that, there are three variable offers for getting a membership for premium features in the app. The variability in the whole three of these memberships is only in its pricing and not in the content. You will be offered 3 months, 6 month, and one-year membership for getting access to premium features of the app. The membership of 3 months subscription will cost you $ 59.99. Six months membership is $89.99 and a full-year membership is $119.99. You can go with what suits you the best according to your budget and needs.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The following details will let you know about the advantages and disadvantages this Simply Piano app contains. Learning these and understanding them will help you in gaining confidence related to the app.

Advantages Of Simply Piano

  • Effortless to use with simple interface options that make it ideal even for children and beginners.
  • Learning will be provided in terms of games and fun by the app.
  • Although it’s not suggestible, in case you do not own a piano you can play the on-screen piano that comes with this app.
  • The availability of 5 minutes practicing sessions will help you learn and remember the notes more properly.
  • Ideal for learning if you cannot go out to learn the piano buy some teacher.

Disadvantages Of Simply Piano

  • The subscriptions do not support small packages and come with a minimum of 3 months of membership.
  • Although it happens sometimes, it is still very annoying that the app does not recognize the sound played by the piano and makes you replay it again.
  • This app on the Play store is not compatible with your computer or PC.

User Reviews And Support

is simply piano worth it

Although we cannot say that all the reviews are positive, it has been noticed that in most of the online reviews, almost 95% are positive and are in the favor of the app. Most users have claimed that the app initiates the learning process slowly and then will take you into the depth of understanding, practicing, and professional playing of the piano. Furthermore, the app offers great user support service on its online website where there is a list of FAQs related to troubleshooting questions, tips, and solutions the user may need.


How quickly can I learn piano with the Simply Piano app?

This Simply Piano app provides you with lots of features and steps that will help you in learning the piano efficiently. But it requires you to stay consistent, confident, and professional while the learning process. And if you are properly paying attention to the instructions and are performing the replaying sessions accurately, you will be able to play the piano within 2 weeks of learning. This period is for beginners. Alternatively, if you are aware of the basics of the piano and some of the basic notes, you will be able to play the piano in no more than one week.

What can you do for free with a Simply Piano App?

When you use a Simply Piano app without any subscription packages, you will be offered two different courses with maximum and knowledgeable content that will help you in learning piano. To go to the advanced level of courses, you can go for the premium subscription that starts with 3 months and offers a maximum of a one-year membership, all within a reasonable price.

What do you get for Simply Piano premium?

Since the free version of the Simply Piano app only provides you with the two courses, the premium version will make you able to access all 27 courses. You can scroll down through the song library, can print the sheet music, and can perform the practicing sessions after getting into the premium version. All this access will make you able to learn the piano more perfectly and quickly.

How long is the Simply Piano trial?

There are three Simply Piano subscription packages of different lengths available at different pricing. You can opt for what suits you the most but keep in mind that before entering into the paid subscriptions you will be offered a 7-day free trial. This is offered to the users in case they do not like the app. They can cancel the subscription without paying for it. Moreover, if you like the app in these 7 days you can go with the selection of any of the available packages you think are suitable for you among the three available ones.


Simply Piano app is said to be the best and the most outstanding app to learn piano while sitting at home. It entertainingly initiates the learning process with slow progress and takes you into the depth of learning the piano making you a professional pianist within no time. The gripping of the concept is convenient and effortless with simple learning, replaying, and then correction procedures.

Furthermore, you can reliably download this app and can learn piano as it is said to be the most admirable, positively reviewed, and award-winning app designed specifically for all ages and levels of learning. Hope you liked my Simply Piano Review!

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