Mr Digital Piano Innovative Annual Writing Scholarship

Mr Digital Piano Scholarship

The news that all college and university students have been waiting for is finally here. Mr Digital Piano is proudly announcing its “Annual Writing Scholarship” with a prize pool of $1000.

So, are you creative and competitive enough to participate in this scholarship? If yes, then follow us:

We’d be explaining each and everything here about the participation criteria, what to do, the deadline of submission, announcement of the winner and some terms and conditions, etc.

Without any further ado, let us take a look:

1. How to Participate in the Scholarship?

First things first, you should be an active college or university student in any International institute. That’s one of the most basic participation criteria.

Some other instructions include:

  • Minimum CGPA of 2.5 or above if you are studying at the University.
  • At least a 70% score in your previous grade if you are a College student.
  • The age requirement is not so subtle. You are eligible to apply if your age is somewhere between 18 to 30.
  • Last but not the least, fluency in English is a must.

So, that’s all about the participation criteria. Let us now move on to the most important section, i.e. “What to Do?”

2. Requirements of the Scholarship:

Mr. Digital Piano is always looking for young enthusiasts who can impact a population through their words.

So, what we require from students is a 500 to 700 words article on the following topics:

  • What are the benefits of learning piano?
  • Are digital pianos need of the hour these days?
  • How much time is required to ace the skill of playing piano?

Mind you that you have to choose from only one topic. Be as creative as you can and increase your chances of winning the prize pool.

Attach the proof of your CGPA and your resume while submitting the article.

3. Guidelines for Writing the Article:

Some rules that you must follow while writing the content are as follows:

The accepted document forms are “.docs” and “.docx”. Choosing Microsoft Word or Google Documents to write the article is appreciated.

Only two fonts, i.e. “Times New Roman” and “Open Sans” could be used to write the article.

Keep the paragraph font size at “12”.

Headings or subheadings must be Bold with a font size of “14”.

Giving resources at the end is optional.

Avoid grammatical and spelling errors at all costs.

4. Submitting the Article:

Right after you are done with the article, you have to submit it directly to the following email address: “[email protected]

While submitting the document, keep the following points in your mind:

The subject of the email must be, “Submission of Article to Mr Digital Piano Writing Scholarship”

In the Body section, write your full name, your father’s name, and the name of the institute you are studying in.

If you’ve used images in your article, then attach them separately in your email.

5. Submission Deadline:

Mr. Digital Piano has set the deadline August 15. We won’t be accepting the entries after 15 August no matter how well have you written the article.

In case you miss the deadline, then there’s no need to worry about it. We conduct the scholarship on annual basis so you might get your chance at the prize pool next year.

6. Prize Pool Distribution:

The $1000 would be distributed among the top 3 winners as follows:

1st Position: $500

2nd Position: $300

3rd Position: $200.

Announcement of Winners:

The content managing team at Mr. Digital Piano will announce the winners unanimously on September 15.

We will send the Congratulations email to your address. Later on, the money would be sent to you in the form of a physical check.

Don’t get disheartened if you are unable to win the scholarship. We conduct this competition every year so you can get a chance to show your creativity.

Extra Benefits of the Scholarship:

Along with a $1000 pool money, students will also enjoy the following perks from Mr. Digital Piano:

  • Opportunity to work as a paid internee with our content writing team.
  • Publicity of your article under the copyrights of Mr. Digital Piano.
  • You might be given a permanent position at our content writing panel if you get successful in acing your internship.
  • With time, we’ll award you with multiple content writing projects where you’d be managing your juniors accordingly.
  • You’d have an excelling career with us especially if you put all your hardwork into writing engaging content for our users.

Note: All these perks are for the 1st position holder only. The rest of the two positions will get the money only.

Terms and Conditions:

Some terms and conditions from our side are as follows:

Mr. Digital Piano holds all the rights to the content you submit. We can use it anywhere we want under the banner of our website and you cannot challenge us.

Paid internship could or could not lead to a permanent job. In any case, you have to comply with the decision of our panel. In fact, you cannot challenge it anywhere.

We will not tolerate plagiarized content. Each submission would thoroughly be checked via “Turnitin” and “Copyscape”. If found guilty, we will not accept that submission.

Fluency in English is a must. We will discard articles written in any other language instantly.

You cannot challenge the decision of our content writing team anywhere. We have full faith that the team will perform up to the expectations to award the top 3 positions to deserving students.

No two submissions would be accepted. We can check the submission status via IP address and can discard your content no matter how perfectly it’s written.

The award will only be awarded if we receive at least 10 submissions. We won’t announce the winner unless there aren’t sufficient entries.

Mr. Digital Piano has the right to change the terms and conditions anytime it wants without telling you. You could, however, subscribe to our newsletter to know about future updates to the Ts and Cs.

Winner of the Previous Innovative Writing Scholarship Announced by Mr. Digital Piano:

Steve Evans was the winner of our previous annual writing scholarship who won the prize money of $500 by securing the 1st position out of 200 submissions:

Submissions From Last Winners:

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